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Do I have a dead battery?

1. When you receive your new NODE sensor platform, the internal lithium ion battery is only partially charged. You should plug your NODE sensor platform into a micro USB cable, such as the one enclosed in your shipment and plug the other end of the cable into a wall adaptor of USB port on your computer or laptop. Your NODE will be fully charged within 2-3 hours.

Dead Battery

2. Please note that a dead battery might not always be the cause of your NODE functioning improperly. In certain instances, your NODE+'s circuit board can get overloaded and cause a short. If this occurs, you can try to perform a "hard reset" of your NODE sensor platform.  To do this, simply hold down the button on your NODE for 15 seconds.  If your NODE is experiencing a short in the circuit, it will then reboot and you can again use your NODE sensor platform normally.  


3. Otherwise, if you're charging the NODE sensor platform while it is currently on and connected to a smart device, you will see blue lights come on and pulsate while charging. You will not see these lights if your NODE is turned off or it is not connected to your smart device.

Charging NODE

4. Your NODE should be fully charged from a complete drain of battery between 2-4 hours.  This depends on the charging base you are using (i.e. plugging the USB cord into your computer, or into an electrical outlet using an adaptor), since some bases limit the amount of energy used in charging.

Battery Levels

5. Recently, a feature has been added to make communication of your NODE battery life easier for you!  After downloading the latest firmware release, push the hardware button briefly on your NODE (NK02 models only).  The LED lights will flash for the following battery levels:

  • Three (3) blue flashes=full battery +++
  • Two (2) blue flashes=1/2 battery ++
  • One (1) blue flash=low battery +
  • One (1) red flash=critically low battery +

6. Please keep in mind that for many of our sensor modules (Chroma, Clima, etc.), if your NODE is charged at less than 1/2 capacity, the accuracy of your readouts may be impacted.


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