Troubleshooting Your NODE

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NODE Troubleshooting

Additionally, you may consider the following troubleshooting steps to help you along the way:

NODE Hard Reset

  • Try a hard reset: Hold the button on your NODE down for 15 seconds past the point where you hear the “powering down” sounds and blue lights flashing. Restart your NODE, and you should see blue lights and hear “power up” sounds. Your NODE should now be reset.

Update Firmware

To update your firmware to the latest version, download the uploader below appropriate for your platform. The updater programs will automatically download the latest firmware version from our website and update your NODE.

Download for Mac OSX  32-bit |  64-bit | Choose For Me

Current Version

Current Version: 21.21 (Updated Mar 19th 2014)

Plug in your NODE

USB Cable

  •  Next, make sure you have the most recent version of firmware downloaded. You can find the link to download the latest firmware from your desktop or laptop computer onto your NODE sensor platform here.

Please NOTE: You must plug your NODE into your desktop or laptop computer using a USB cable. Firmware cannot be downloaded successfully using your Bluetooth connection. Additionally, you need to use a reliable USB charging cable, such as the one included in your order, to ensure a successful download. Non-approved USB charging cables can cause connectivity issues, and can result in firmware download failures.


  • Turn Bluetooth on and off. For both Android and iOS users, go into your Settings, then “Bluetooth”. Tap the slider key to turn your Bluetooth “off”, wait a moment, then tap the slider key again to switch it back “on”. Exit out of your settings, and try to connect again.

Unpair your NODE

  • If you are using an Android smart device, also try to unpair your smart device with NODE (this is different than “disconnecting”), and repair your NODE to your Android smart device. To do this within your Bluetooth settings, tap the settings gear of the NODE you are wanting to unpair. Tap “unpair”, then hit “scan for devices” again. Choose your NODE again from the “available devices” list, and this will re-pair your NODE to your Android smart device.

Reset your NODE

When all else fails, turn your devices off, then on again.

  • Turn NODE off, then on again first. Do this by holding down the power button on your NODE for three seconds, then pushing the power button again to reboot your NODE.
  • Next, Turn your smart device off, then on again. Still having trouble? Feel free to contact us at!
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