Attaching New Sensor Modules

Wade Gasior -

The following video will help guide you how to attach our versatile sensor modules! 

PLEASE NOTE: NODE is a system platform, and is not intended to be used as a handle for our accompanying sensor modules.


Changing Sensor Modules

Yes. The NODE+ modules are "hot swappable" so you can simply detach the module from the end and install a different one. NODE+ detects the new module and the corresponding app on your smart device becomes active.

PLEASE NOTE: Although "hot swappable" sensor changing is available, if this process is not done with a matter of delicacy (i.e. if the sensors are inserted in a sideways fashion, with great force, etc.) you may overload the internal circuit board of the NODE+ sensor platform, causing a short.  If this occurs, perform a "hard reset" of your platform by holding down the power button for 15 seconds, and pressing the power button again with the new sensor attached to reboot. 

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