Updating Firmware

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Updating Firmware

When a new firmware version is released, you will be notified via your NODE app. Keeping your firmware up-to-date will ensure that you can get the most out of your NODE products.

If you are having difficulties installing your Firmware for Microsoft, please uninstall your last downloaded Node Updater driver from your PC and re-install the driver from the Firmware updater Support page.

Note: The NODE Mac firmware uploader requires OSX 7.1 or higher, and must be connected to your laptop or desktop computer via the provided USB cable.  The Bluetooth connection between the NODE and your smart device is not enough for firmware updates to be downloaded successfully onto your NODE sensor platform.

Firmware Updater Downloads

To update your firmware to the latest version, download the uploader below appropriate for your platform. The updater programs will automatically download the latest firmware version from our website and update your NODE+.

Download for Mac OSX  32-bit |  64-bit | Choose For Me


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