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Available on iPad

Our NODE™ products and apps are also available for compatible iPad devices.  Feel free to check our current list of compatible smart devices here.  Additionally, check here to see the full list of our available apps, where you can download the apps you need directly from our website.  

Having trouble finding our iOS-compatible apps directly in the App Store?  Fret not!  Simply follow the following steps to get you sensing with your iPad:

Select "iPad Only" 

1.  If you've searched for one of our apps and come up with no results, tap on the "iPad Only" search option:

Select "iPhone Only" 

2.  Tap on the "iPhone Only" available apps, as shown here:


Click to download

3.  That's it!  You'll be able to see all of our iOS compatible apps.  Be sure to search for all of the apps you need to keep you sensing like a pro!

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