N+Oxa CO2 Calibration

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WARNING: Please do not re-calibrate your CO2 sensor without using a reference gas for proper calibration.  Failure to do so may make your CO2 readings inaccurate.  This option is intended to be used in a professional, industrial or research setting.


All of our Oxa CO2 sensor modules have been pre-calibrated before being sent to you, so you can start sensing right away! However, there may be an occasion where professionals would want to re-calibrate the baseline for this sensor module.

You can do this by going to your "Calibration" settings within your N+Oxa app menu, as shown here:


You will then need to use a calibration gas to calibrate your CO2 sensor module hardware for both 0 PPM as well as 400 PPM.  Choose the option from the choices given to you in the "Calibration" settings respectively.




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