4. How to scan color with N+Chroma app for Android

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Watch this quick video for steps on how to scan color using your Android smart device:


Don't have time to watch the video?  Simply follow the steps below when you're ready to start sensing!

Turn on your NODE+chroma™

  • Push hardware button to turn NODE+chroma system on

Launch N+chroma App

  • Launch N+chroma app on your smart device

Pair your NODE

Remove Calibration Cap

  • Gently remove N+Chroma calibration cap

Scan your Color

  • Scan your color: tap the Scan Color button and NODE+chroma will return your scanned RGB, Lab and Hex values.

  • Tap View Color Comparer from the menu to compare two colors. Tap the left Scan Color button to scan your first color. Tap the right Scan color button to scan your second color. NODE+chroma will compare the two colors and return a percentage % match.

Calibrate Chroma

  • After every 6-10 scans, re-calibrate your NODE+chroma system
  • Go to menu in top left hand corner, Tap Calibrate Chroma, wait for calibration completion

Be Social

  • Most importantly, Have fun! And send us tweets sharing how you're using NODE for all of your projects@variableinc 

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