Scanning and Calibration Tips

Variable, Inc. Customer Support -

When scanning place the device flat against a clean surface or color sample and trigger the scan from your smart device. 
Calibration Cap
When not using your NODE+chroma system, keep the calibration cap attached to the device for lens protection. 
Calibration will be prompted at every device / app connection and every five minutes. Calibrate prior to each scan for the highest degree of accuracy. After calibration is complete, remove the magnetized end cap and you're ready to scan.
Battery Life
While on, when you press the button the lights will flash. 
  • 3 blue blinks will indicate the battery is full
  • 2 blue blinks indicates the battery is at 50%
  • 1 blue blink indicates the battery is low
  • 1 red blink indicates the battery is critically low and should be charged
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