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NODE Troubleshooting Guide

Going step by step through this guide is the easiest way to make sure that all the resources your NODE uses are working properly. Variable, Inc recommends taking this "shotgun" approach of going through all the basic troubleshooting steps at once, since this ensures that your NODE's various functions are a.) in optimal condition and b.) not interfering with one another.

Part 1 — Refresh Bluetooth connection.

This section is designed to reset all aspects of your NODE and its communications with your smart device.

1.  Ensure that your NODE is turned on.

2.  Check your NODE's battery level.

3.  Restart your NODE.

4.  Close or restart any NODE applications currently running on your smart device.

5.  Restart your smart device and reset the Bluetooth pairing between your smart device and your NODE.

Part 2 — Update NODE firmware.

This section is designed to optimize your NODE and its communications with your smart device and any supported modules you may be using.

6.  Visit the NODE firmware page and follow the instructions.

Part 3 — Download the latest NODE apps.

This section is designed to ensure that you are using Variable, Inc's newest applications and are getting the most out of your NODE and NODE modules.

7.  Check the latest app listings for your device.

8.  Download the latest apps.

9.  Delete outdated NODE apps.*

NOTE: Deleting old Variable apps will also delete any data that you created using those apps. This cannot be undone.

Still not working? Sounds serious. Visit our customer support portal and create a ticket for direct help from our staff, or return to the list of troubleshooters if you're trying to fix a NODE module.

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