Troubleshooting Guide — Clima

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Clima Troubleshooting Guide

Part 1 — Go through the NODE troubleshooting guide.

This is an important step. Many problems with NODE modules result from issues with the NODE it is attached to.

1.  Click here to access the NODE troubleshooting guide.

Part 2 — Review operating parameters.

This section is designed to ensure that your Clima is working under the conditions it was built for, and that nothing in the environment is interfering with its function.

2.  Click here to access the product specification sheet for Clima.

3.  Ensure that your Clima is working under optimal conditions.

4.  Connect your NODE to the app you are trying to use.

5.  Review usage techniques for Clima.

6.  Review handling techniques for Clima.

Still not working? Sounds serious. Visit our customer support portal and create a ticket for direct help from our staff, or return to the list of troubleshooters to fix another NODE or module.

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