Connecting to NODE with a Variable app

Variable, Inc. Customer Support -

With your NODE powered on, open the app you are trying to use on your smart device. The app will take you to a screen displaying available NODE devices.

Alternately, you can find a list of available devices by pressing the hamburger menu at the top left of the app. Press Settings in the menu that opens. Press the button beneath "Connected NODE" at the top of the Settings screen.

A list of available NODE devices will appear on the screen. Press your NODE's name to connect. (If you've connected to your NODE with this app before, it should connect automatically.)

When you are connected, the Settings screen will list your NODE's name under "Connected NODE".

Note: The Color Elements app requires you to be signed in before use. If you are not signed in automatically when you open the app, log into or create your Color Elements account before following the instructions listed above.

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