Using Clima and its app

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The hamburger menu at the top left of the Clima app contains the app's data tools. The Clima app has three selections for measuring data: streaming, recording and logging.

Streaming will begin automatically when you open the app and connect to your NODE. The streaming screen shows you in real time Clima's readings of the atmosphere around it. If you want to record Clima's data stream, press Start Recording at the bottom right of the streaming screen. You can access and share saved data by pressing Recordings in the hamburger menu.

Clima's third option for data measurement is logging. Press Data Logging in the hamburger menu. This feature lets Clima take readings and store them in internal memory, without needing to be connected to a phone.

To begin logging, go to the Data Logging screen in the hamburger menu and press Start Data Logging. You may now disconnect from your NODE. As long as your NODE remains on, it will store the data its Clima is reading. When you reconnect your smart device to your NODE, return to the Data Logging screen and press Stop Data Logging.

Press Fetch Readings to export the readings from NODE to your smart device. The Clima app will tell you what the name of the created file will be. Go to Recordings in the hamburger menu to view the logged readings and export them.

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